Paul Ryan Just Refused To Build The Wall, But Look What He’s Doing For Planned Parenthood Instead

House Speaker Paul Ryan says that Capitol Hill are almost done hashing out a deal on the budget. “I think we’re making really good progress,” Ryan said on Wednesday morning.

Trump has now backed off paying for the border wall and is focusing on passing the budget bill. Kellyanne Conway said that they will focus on making it “happen later this year and into next year.”

According to CNS News, the funds for the wall have been dropped from the current budget bill. They are facing an April 28th deadline to pass a government funding bill.

Right now, there is no talk to stop funding Planned Parenthood. This means that Paul Ryan has not done his job.

It’s time to fire Paul Ryan. It’s time to get rid of this snake in the grass. Let’s send Lyin’ Ryan a message.

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Source: libertywriters

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