Poll: Should Trump Save Social Security?

We all can agree that Social Security is a program that must not be allowed to collapse. Millions of Americans pay into the system, and it is only fair that when they retire from the workforce, they receive the money they paid into it.

Trump’s plan to propose a comprehensive tax reform plan and an immigration reform plan designed to save billions of dollars that can go toward Social Security sounds like a good one – if he sincerely plans to keep his promise to protect Social Security.

Trump must act with Congress to avert the crisis because, in 2034, the current Social Security program may run out of money unless Congress moves to raise its revenues or cut back on benefits.

This could mean a benefit cut of 25 % across the board. The reduction will negatively impact many Social Security recipients, many of whom have no other income besides Social Security.

What do you think?
Should Trump Save Social Security?
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