Poll: Should Congress Fire Paul Ryan As Speaker Of The House?

We all remember how Paul Ryan hesitated to endorse Donald Trump during the election process. Also, we also bear in mind that Ryan couple of times criticized Trump or to be more precisely he criticized Trump from day one of his presidency.

The Speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the United States House of Representatives. This title is important because the Speaker is the political and parliamentary leader of the House of Representatives, and is simultaneously the House’s presiding officer, head of the body’s majority party, and the institution’s administrative head.

But it seems that Ryan forgot about his duties and also made some big mistakes, so know he needs to face the consequences and leave this position for someone who is better than him.

He failed to deliver the votes on his health-care bill.
He has been soft on illegal immigration.
He has not approved the funding needed to build the wall.

All Americans, deserve Speaker of the House who is honest and someone who will stop giving a blank check to the left’s priorities.

The decision must be made if Trump wants to succeed in fulfilling his campaign pledges and keep the supporters he won in 2016. We all know that Trump needs to sideline Paul Ryan and find a new man who can bring together moderate Republicans and Democrats to get some legislation passed.

What do you think?
Should Congress Fire Paul Ryan As Speaker Of The House?

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